Saturday, August 23, 2014

Cash Surfing Network – Over 50,000 Strong and Climbing

Congratulations to the Cash Surfing Network!! Today,the site passed the 50,000 member mark and continues to climb.For those that are not familiar with the CSN,let me fill you in.The Cash Surfing Network is a combined effort from successful business owners Eric Goettman and the Legacy Team.The Cash Surfing Network consists of a core set of 6 of the top 20 traffic exchanges online,which are:

Basically, CSN offers daily cash prizes for surfing a set amount of websites at each of these traffic exchanges.Currently, you must surf 555 pages to get your daily bonus.The surf timer is roughly 5 seconds and standard members earn $0.15 from each of the 6 traffic exchanges.Plus, at each of these 6 core sites, you can win cash and prizes daily, WHILE YOU SURF!! That’s not all. Standard members also earn 10% commissions on referral upgrades and purchases.

Additionally,the site has other ways to earn on the site.

The Banner Run – This is a section within the site that you can find a page that displays other member’s banners.You can click on each banner on the page and earn a cash prize.

PTP – You can get paid to promote the Cash Surfing Network at select traffic exchanges. You earn $0.001 per 10 unique views sent to your affiliate link.The traffic exchanges that are in the paid to promote list are:
There is a cap of 1,000 unique views from all the sites combined for standard members. Upgraded members can use the PTP with no cap at all.


Damn, I almost forgot about the CSN signup bonus.Available to anyone who registers at CSN is a $12 signup bonus.This is the highest signup bonus I have seen for ANY site related to the traffic exchange industry.It’s a pretty sweet bonus.After,you signup at each of the 6 sites,you will get $2 added to your account balance at each one.
Cash Surfing Network Upgrade Benefits

Being a standard member at CSN is awesome.You can earn cash and free ad credits,but upgraded members reap way more benefits than standard members.

But ,is the upgrade at CSN really worth it? Well, that depends. Ask yourself these questions:
  • Do you like making more money?
  • Do you like free advertising?
  • Do you like getting free random referrals?
  • Do you like the thought of exploding your downlines in NOT ONLY the 6 core sites, but also 13 of the top sites you will find in the traffic exchange industry?

Have a look at the chart below and see the benefits of each membership level and see how they stack up.

Also, exclusively for members who are Legend upgraded, you will get a ton of free ad credits each month at several top traffic exchanges.

Getting Started

Rather than spelling out the whole process,I thought I would let Eric Goettman, one the co-owners of the site, explain what the cash surfing network is, how to get started and how the program works. So, check out Eric giving you his brief CSN overview below.

Getting Paid At CSN

Commissions are automatically paid out on each Friday.The minimum payment request is $15 and you must wait for 14 days after you reach $15  in order to be paid your commissions.Also,you must have a Paypal account and have your Payapl email address added to your CSN profile in order to be paid by the site.

Final Words

I have seen some mixed reviews concerning the commissions paid out to standard members. I honestly can’t see how anyone can complain.Basically, the standard member benefits are pretty consistent with industry standards.I mean, think about it. Even standard members GET FREE MONEY AND FREE ADVERTISING!! Just by promoting the Cash Surfing Network, you can gain 7 referrals.Not only that but, if they upgrade or buy advertising, you earn commissions plus get to earn a percentage of the credits from their surfing activity.How can anyone complain about free cash and traffic when they don’t have to pay so much as a cent out of pocket to get both?

Let’s recap. Being a member at CSN gives you:
You add all this up with the fact that ALL these programs have rock solid owners that bring awesome stuff to the table and it’s WIN-WIN-WIN!!Congrats to the Legacy Team and Team Goettman for reaching 50,000 members within their 1st year online. Wish those guys continued success.

Not a member yet? Click on the banner and sign up today for your free account.

Cash Surfing Network offers new members a huge $12 signup bonus

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