Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Unique Rewards- My Favorite GPT

Unique Rewards offers a unique opportunity to earn some extra cash.Online since 2003,Unique Rewards offers members multiple ways to earn extra money online everyday.Membership is 100% free and earning with the site has been made quite simple.ALthough the withdrawal limit may seem high at $20 minimum,it is very easy to reach in a short amount of time depending on which activities you choose to do.It took me right at a month just by clicking on the ads and watching,listening to the radio,and I did one survey.They pay out once a week on Mondays and even though they were one day late with my payment,I can’t complain.Free money,right?But here’s the beautiful part.After you reach your first payout,you are immediately upgraded to gold status,and earn an extra 40% on offers.