PTC Advertising Spots

Advertising is a MUST if you are planning on making any kind of real money from PTC websites.You can try all the free methods,but paid advertising works best and will help build your downlines much faster.And you will want to advertise your PTC site at a PTC site.Most people there are already PTC users.That is very targeted.Below is a small list of sites that have the best deals around on all types of advertising.

Note - Most people will argue that the best places to advertise is Neobux and Clixsense.Now,I do not disagree,but they are expensive as hell compared to other sites.However,they do have more eyes to view your ads and,if you have the money to burn,I do recommend them because you will get results.With that being said,I have compiled a small list with examples of ad prices and basically just trying to show people where they can get more BANG for their BUCK.
******The advertising packages and prices on this page are used as an example and they are subject to change at anytime******


Northclicks has some of the best ad prices around.You can really get more bang for your buck here.There is advertising to fit everyones' needs AND budget.The more you buy here,the more you save.North Clicks also has a nice package deal they are currently running which includes:
  • 10,000 Banner Ad Credits
  • 1 Featured Link Ad Credit
  • 250,000 Featured Ad Credits
  • 4,375 Paid To Click Credits
      PRICE IS ONLY $2


UltimateClixx is one of the new kids on the block.But new or not,they have some awesome deals on their advertising.Right now,you can get a 10 second fixed ad for $1.Very nice.UltimateClixx also has so many different ad packages it will make your head spin.Their most popular package is the Nano Ad Pack and it comes with:
  • 1,000 Banner Ad Credits
  • 3,000 Paid To Click Credits
  • 1,000 Featured Ad Credits
      PRICE IS ONLY $1 Also,for a very limited time,you can buy 1,000,000 Banner Ad Credits for only $9...THAT'S RIGHT,ONE MILLION BANNERS FOR ONLY $9!!! HURRY,THIS ONE WON'T LAST LONG!!!

GPT Planet 

GPT Planet has some decent prices on advertising,especially banners, which can be bought for as low as $2 for 25,000 impressions.Also,they have special packages that will help stretch your advertising dollar.Currently,GPT Planet has a small package,which includes
  • 5,000 Paid To Click Credits
  • 50,000 Banner Ad Credits
  • 50,000 Featured Ad Credits
      PRICE IS $6


Clixblue is another fairly new PTC site that has some pretty good pricing on their advertising.Paid to Click Ads start at just $1.10 for 1,000 credits and you can get Banner Credits starting at just $0.30 for 5,000.Currently,Clixblue only offers one special package for advertisers,but it is a kick-ass deal.It is called the Advertisers Package and it includes:
  • 100 Paid To Signup Credits
  • 1 Featured Link Ad Credits
  • 30000 Featured Ad Credits
  • 1000000 Banner Ad Credits
  • 10000 Paid To Click Credits
      PRICE IS $25

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