Tips & Resources

Tips & Resources

For anyone  interested in making money with PTC sites that have not joined any site yet,or are new to the whole process,there are a few things you will need and things you need to know before you get started.

  1. You will need to have an email account.Yahoo,Gmail or whatever your preference.
  2. You will need an account with a payment processor such as Paypal or Payza.
  3. READ THE PTC SITE TERMS OF SERVICE BEFORE YOU JOIN.You should do this so you know WHAT you are agreeing to.Doing this will help you know how things are and what you can or can’t do on the site,etc.
  4. You have to stay active.Most PTC sites require that you click a certain number of ads to be able to earn from your referrals.
  5. Remember that the key to making real money with these sites is by referring others to the site. So,you have to promote your affiliate link.
  6. If you rent referrals,extending them for longer periods of time will give you a discount and can increase your profits.
  7. When you promote,don’t just try to the free methods like forums,traffic exchanges,etc.Paid advertising at PTC sites works the best.It’s affordable and highly targeted.
  8. Don’t try to use any kind of autoclicker software or create multiple accounts at any site.It will get your account suspended and IP banned.
  9. Take advantage of sites that don't have forced view ads.You can open a different tab in your browser for each site and this will minimize the amount of time spent clicking ads.
  10. Watch for sites that offer a real high click rate,such as a dollar a click.These sites are always a scam.
  11. Watch out for sites that have an anti-cheat link.Clicking on these links will deduct money from your account balance,and at some sites  you can lose your entire balance.So,watch out for those ads.
  12. Be patient.Rome wasn’t built in a day,your downline won’t be either.These aren’t get rich schemes.These are legitimate programs that will reward you for your individual effort.The more active members you refer the more you can make.The referrals aren’t going to fall from the sky,the money won’t either.YOU have to make it happen.

Here  is a list of mostly free tools and services that can help you maximize your efforts with getting referrals to PTC sites.

PTC Forums

Website Builders

Blogging Platforms

Free Banner Creators

Free Splash Page Creators

Free Squeeze Page Creators

Website Hosting


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