Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Unique Rewards- My Favorite GPT

Unique Rewards offers a unique opportunity to earn some extra cash.Online since 2003,Unique Rewards offers members multiple ways to earn extra money online everyday.Membership is 100% free and earning with the site has been made quite simple.ALthough the withdrawal limit may seem high at $20 minimum,it is very easy to reach in a short amount of time depending on which activities you choose to do.It took me right at a month just by clicking on the ads and watching,listening to the radio,and I did one survey.They pay out once a week on Mondays and even though they were one day late with my payment,I can’t complain.Free money,right?But here’s the beautiful part.After you reach your first payout,you are immediately upgraded to gold status,and earn an extra 40% on offers.

Here are some of the ways you can earn extra money with Unique Rewards:

Completing Free Offers
Sponsors  pay for you to try their products and services! Get paid to offer your input and sample their products! You can earn free cash for taking samples of various products, joining free websites, downloading free software and more! There are lots of offers to choose from. Complete an offer and get paid!!
Taking Surveys
You can get paid just for sharing your opinion when you visit Cash Surveys!
With new surveys placed daily, there’s always an opportunity for you to influence tomorrow’s products and services – today!Do consumer surveys or sign up for the survey sites to get cash & win great prizes.
Visiting Websites
Go to Click Cash section, select any offer you are interested in, click on it, visit website and receive $0.01 for it! Visit each website once a day and get some cash every day!I have seen as many as 40 $0.01 ads a day.
You can earn cash for watching videos. The way you get paid to watch videos is just watching the video. It is very simple. Watch each video once a day and get $0.01 for each video watching.
You’ll have up to 1-3 emails sent to the email address listed in your member profile each day. Simply confirm reading the email and your account will be credit!
You can earn cash while listening to the radio. Enjoy your favorite music and get paid. Enter captcha every 10 minutes and earn $0.01 for every second one.
To complete the radio offer successfully you should have the latest versions of Adobe Flash Player and browser.
Shopping online saves you time and money by avoiding overcrowded malls, long lines, coupon clipping and sale rack shuffling. Simply browse  online stores, find great deals and earn up to 50% cash back on your purchases. Check out the discount/coupons section which offers more cash back and greater savings with coupon codes.
Referring Others
Tell your friends and others about Unique Rewards.There are plenty of banners in the referrals section to help advertise the site.And when someone signs up, you’ll automatically earn cash along with your referrals when they try offers, take surveys, shop online, read emails or just click on websites!
One thing I have found with this site is that there is huge amount of $0.01 ads every day.Sometimes as many as 30+ a day.Check out the image below.

Unique Rewards has been online and paying since 2005

Also, they pay:

  • $1.00 when each of your referrals completes his/her first offer. Any easiest offer! Even if its cost is only $0.10.
  • $5.00 for every active referral! It means that every time when one of your referrals earns $20 or more gets the “active” status and you also earn $5! Just once for one referral.
  • 10% of the Qualified Earnings received by your referrals for life!!

The referral program alone is a good way to earn a lot of money. There is no restriction on the number of referrals you can have.But Unique Rewards also has:
  • weekly contests for cash prizes
  • Facebook integration. You can share your referral link via F-share function easily
  • quick and effective customer support
  • weekly payments via both PayPal and check

Unique Rewards- A Rewading GPT Since 2005

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