Monday, July 15, 2013

PTC Professor-New Site From Eric Goettman

PTC Professor is the newest site launched by Eric Goettman.For those who don’t know who Eric Goettman is,he is the owner of several successful traffic exchanges,TopHits4U,Power Cash Stream,Lobby Hits,and Free TE Credits.

PTC Professor is a free program that gives members the chance to increase their knowledge of PTC sites and how to maximize earnings with them.The site has a helpful guide for those unfamiliar with the way these sites work.It explains exactly what a PTC site is and how to earn from them.It also gives tips and tricks from PTC Professor members that other PTC users can use to maximize all their efforts at PTC sites.Additionally,there is a downline builder that members can use to build up your downline in all the best PTC sites online.

PTC Professor Advertising

There are 3 ways to advertise at PTC Professor.For the time being,here is the breakdown on advertising prices:
1000 Co-Op Credits                     $10.00
3000 Co-Op Credits                     $25.00
5000 C0-Op Credits                     $35.00
10000 Banner Impressions         $10.00
10000 Text Ad Impressions        $8.00

PTC Professor can help maximize your efforts with PTC sites

The PTC Professor Upgrade

While the free membership is great,you get way more perks as an upgraded member and the price for the upgrade is extremely low right now.Here are the upgraded benefits:
  • 1,000 Co-Op Credits Per Month (1,000 views to your affiliate link)
  • 10,000 Banner Impressions Each Month
  • 10,000 Text Ad Impressions Each Month
  • 50% Commissions Earned from any purchase from your downline
  • Random Referrals (Randomly recieve referrals the join without a ref link)
  • Unlock the Advanced PTC Tools (Keep track of profits, investments, rented referrals, etc)
All this comes with a very low price tag of $4.00 per month and can be payed through Paypal or Payza.Get it now because you never know if the price is going to go up.
With the very popular launch of Tim Tech’s new PTC,Nerdbux,it is no surprise to see another traffic exchange owner launch a PTC related site.I think PTC Professor will be quite popular and I can’t wait to see what Mr. Goetmann does with this new launch.He has already made a good name for himself in the TE industry and his exchanges are some of my personal favorites.
So,get on over and check out his new launch at

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