Saturday, July 27, 2013

Bux Sites vs. Aurora Sites

The Great Debate – Which One Is Better?

The PTC industry, fueled by the success of sites such as NeoBux and ClixSense,has attracted a massive amount of people looking to make extra money online.Sadly,a lot of people don’t fully research the different PTC websites before joining and don’t know the difference between Bux sites and Aurora sites or know the upsides and downsides of using either of these types of PTC sites.

So,I guess I will break it down.
Okay,in this crazy little world of PTC(paid to click)sites,there are 2 different type of sites,Bux and Aurora.Both of these types of sites are popular for different people for different reasons.Let’s start with Bux sites.
The upsides and downsides to bnux sites and aurora sites

Bux Sites

Bux sites are popular due to higher earnings and fast payouts.Bux sites generally have less ads than Auroras but pay more per click,usually between $0.001-$0.015 per click and close to the same for referral clicks,depending on membership.Most also offer instant payouts.While this is great for members,there are some drawbacks.
Many sites get into trouble because they pay more per click than what they charge for advertising.With the high rate per ad click,it is harder to attract advertisers who are willing to start a long term advertising campaign.This leads them to look for alternate cash streams,such as selling premium memberships,selling or renting referrals,jackpots,self sponsored ads,etc.
Negative cash flow is why most are not sustainable.Without members investing in the site,most tend to delay payouts until additional revenue comes in from upgrades,referral sales,etc.
Eventually this will lead to a point where the payout turnover is so high that most Bux sites are forced to pack it up and move on because of their inability to pay their members.And most do so without warning their members.
This is why most fail and this is one of the main reasons why a lot of people don’t want to join a new Bux site.It makes perfect sense too.After all,who wants to waste time,money,or effort recruiting new members just to wave bye bye to all of it in a matter of months.

Aurora Sites

Aurora sites are popular because they are more sustainable than Bux sites.The reason Auroras are more sustainable is due to the fact that they pay less per ad click,usually between $0.0005-$0.005 per ad click, and they rely on advertising to make the site sustainable.
Now, they still have the option to sell upgrades,referrals,etc. but they don’t have to rely on those income streams alone because they attract more advertisers with their lower advertising rates.
Also,you don’t see many issues with payouts like you do with Bux sites.This is because they have a positive cash flow from the advertising alone.This is what makes Auroras sustainable and that is why most last longer than the Bux sites do.
Lower click rates + lower advertising cost = more people advertising + positive cash flow which creates sustainability.

Final Words

As you can see,there are upsides and downsides to using a Bux site or Aurora site to make money with.While the Bux sites are attractive due to the higher click rates,most are not sustainable and fold up shop in a matter of months.
Auroras,on the other hand,are unpopular due to the fact that the click rates are really low,but while this may not sound as attractive to members,they tend to attract more advertisers because of the lower advertising prices and that is why they are more sustainable and outlast most of the newer Bux sites.
Which one should you choose?That’s hard to say.I personally use both but as a rule of thumb,I generally do NOT upgrade in the newer sites.I don’t care if they are Bux or Auroras.I will spend money on advertising,but that is about it.I would much rather wait and see if they can make it past the 1 year mark before investing in an upgrade.But,to each his own.
I think that I have made the differences in both pretty clear.One is a fast earner with a high rate of failure and one is a slow earner that tends to outlast the other.So,you decide.But whatever you do,make sure that you do your research before joining a PTC site.
Google is a valuable resource….USE IT!

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