Saturday, May 24, 2014

Advuze Turns Scam

Advuze Members, Bend Over!

Advuze, the next stop on the PTC trail of tears.Man,this has been a completely sh*tty start to the year for PTC users. Advuze is just the latest dissappointment. It hasn’t been too long since they lowered the click rates for standard members, now the site is totally screwing their members….AND ROYALLY!!!!

Apparently, any money that an Advuze member had in their account balance has been removed and placed into their purchase balance. What does this mean? It means that the ads you clicked and the money you earned just went bye-bye.THIS IS SUPER FU**ED UP!!!
There hasn’t been a payment made from the site since April 28,2014. Also, the admin has removed the link to the forum, as well as the link to the support page.

The Re-Launch

Apparently, stealing everyone’s hard earned money isn’t enough for the Advuze team.The admin sent out an email a few days back announcing that the site was going to be relaunched. Check out the image below to see the details.

OH GREAT, A DO-OVER!!! Now, they can start all over and keep the scam going. BRILLIANT!!
Like any of this s**t matters. Does this jackass actually think members are going to just forget that that site pretty much wasted their time and stole their hard earned money?
I myself didn’t invest in the site, I only had $3 in my purchase balance which was taken away and replaced by the $4.85 in my main account balance. As you can tell by this post, I am NOT a happy camper.But if you think I am pissed, can you imagine how the investors feel? Fair warning to all, this site cannot be trusted.If you have not joined the site, be thankful. It is a complete waste of time.

***Update – 8-8-2014***
It looks like the admin finally has the forum back up. There is still NO link to support page and there has only been 3 payments made since April 28,2014.

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