Monday, April 21, 2014

Grand Monopoly – Teiejumal Does It Again!

Grand Monopoly is a new site launched by Grand Click owner Mihkel Einaste. For those that don’t know him,he has been involved in the PTC industry for some time now.He has been an admin for Global Action Cash for over 2 years. He has also been an admin at North Clicks for over 1 year now.
You may recognize him buy his screen name “teiejumal”. Looks like Teijumal is starting his own monopoly.He certainly isn’t wasting any time doing so. He just recently launched Grand Click on January 14 of this year.So, not even 3 months has gone by and he has another paying site up and running.

Grand Monopoly Earning Options

Grand Monopoly has many ways you can earn on the site, such as:
  • View Ads - Earn up to $0.02 per click/up to $0.01 per referral click
  • Complete Offers – Currently,there is Super Rewards,CPA Grip,and Token Ads offer walls to choose from.
  • Watch Videos – Earn by watching videos provided by Virool
  • Paid To Like – Get paid to like Facebook pages,YouTube videos,and Twitter followers
  • PTSU – Get paid to signup for and complete another members offer
  • Dig A Hole – Win up to $2 just from viewing ads on the Dig A Hole grid
  • Rent Referrals – Rented referrals cost $0.20 each and are good for 30 days

Grand Monopoly Points System

Grand Monopoly has a points system that rewards you points for your activities.These points can be converted into cvash and added to your purchase balance.Then you can use the cash to purchase advertising or an upgrade.You can accummulate points for:
  • PTC clicks
  • Completing PTSU offers
  • Each direct referral
  • Each $1 you deposit
  • Completing aTokenAds or Super Rewards offer
  • Watching a Virool video

Grand Monopoly Memberships

Like most PTC sites,you have the option to upgrade your Grand Monopoly account.There are many great benefits you receive should you decide to upgrade,such as:
  • Increased click value
  • Increased referral earnings
  • Increased referral limits
  • Increased commissions
  • Rental time frame decreased
  • More points from your activty
  • Withdrawal time frame decreased

You can remain a free member at Grand Monopoly for life.However, a paid membership has some pretty nice perks. See how the memberships stack up in the chart below.

Grand Monopoly has several upgrade options for members

Grand Monopoly Advertising

Grand Monopoly has many alternatives and great prices for advertisers.They also offer special advertising packages AND rented/direct referral packages.

Grand Monopoly offers several low cost advertising options

Finally, Getting Paid

Once you get $2 in your Grand Monopoly account balance, you can request payment.It can take between 2 – 7 days to receive your payment depending on which payment processor you use.
  • Paypal – Within 48 hours
  • Payza – Within 48 hours
  • Perfect Money – Up to 7 days
  • EgoPay – Up to 7 days
  • Payeer – Up to 7 days

That should just about cover everything. Best wishes to Michael. with his new site.I’m sure he will do well.He certainly has enough knowledge of and experience with the PTC industry to make this site successful.

Not a member? Go check out the site. Happy Earning!
Grand Monopoly is owned and operated by an admin with several years experience

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