Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Nerdbux Done,Tim Tech Credibility Destroyed

Nerdbux Is Finally Done

Nerdbux is finished and the Tim Tech team is hiding like a bunch of cowardly little BITCHES!!! Even after I decided that I would stop using Nerdbux,I hadn’t lost complete faith in Tim Tech.I thought maybe they would fix the problems that they were having and when they finally got things sorted out,I would use the service again.However,due to the recent Nerdbux ownership change,I will never be able to use Nerdbux as an earning avenue ever again.Why?They sold the site to a known scammer/scumbag,JEFFREY JOHNSON!

I made a post a few months back that can give a little insight into who he is as well as the other scam sites he owns.Read it here.

You can also find Jeffrey on eMoneySpace.Below are a few links.,328067.0.html,185650.0.html

But enough about this turd.I want to get back to Tim Tech.

Did Tim Tech Change Ownership Too?

The Tim Tech team has truly become a HUGE dissappointment.I personally am NOT recommending or using any of their services EVER again.They have really shown their true colors on this one.Not only did they sell Nerdbux to a known scammer,but theyt did so with no warning,not even an email to users AND looks like they don’t want anyone to know who they are anymore,unless of course Tim Tech has sold their business to Patrick Griffin.

Now I don’t really know this man and don’t have one cross word to say about him.But the Tim Tech site before the whole Nerdbux ownership change had the whole team on there.That team includes:









…and of course Nerdbux has officially been removed from Tim Tech’s list of services.


Well,can’t really tell whether or not the original owners listed above decided to sell Tim Tech or not.In my opinion,if they didn’t,they sure as hell should have.Tim Tech’s credibility has been irreparably damaged and I don’t think they will ever be able to recover.So,due to these circumstances,I highly recommend that NOBODY should even bother with using Nerdbux again unless you want to use your earnings for advertising because the new owner is known for designing his terms of service so that he doesn’t ever have to pay his members.

So,in closing, I would just like to thank the Tim Tech team form completely wasting my time promoting their sites.I will NEVER trust any of these jackasses again.F*CK ‘EM ALL!!! Oh,and if anyone wants to give them a call and let them know what you think about them,better do it quick before they disconnect the number.It is a toll free number and their hours are Mon – Fri 9AM – 5PM EST - 1-877-244-3581 or find them on Twitter.Here’s a little helping hand:

John Olson on Twitter

Tim Linden on Twitter

Justin Ledvina on Twitter

Larry Dame on Twitter

Brenda Broyles on Twitter

Janelle Pineau on Twitter

Patrick Griffin on Twitter

Bill Gorsci – ?????

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