Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nerdbux Scam

Nerdbux Scam.Two words I never thought I would use together in the same sentence.However,due to recent developments at the site,I have no choice but to do it.
Why? Well,it’s simple.
The whole concept behind PTC,or paid to click,websites is to pay members for viewing advertisements.Advertisers purchase the advertising and the PTC site shares a portion of that advertising dollar with members that view the ads.But here lately,they have only paid a select few.
So,does this make Nerdbux a scam?

You see,this is very typical of HYIP and Ponzi scams where the majority of people don’t get paid but a select few do and that is usually the older investors so that they can keep their name in good standing.And here in PTC land,what do we call site owners that make selective payments?

And this is not all.It has been one excuse after another for over a month.They had the cashout limit.

Then it was lifted, supposedly.
Then,there is a problem with the script and they hired a programmer, supposedly.

Here is Jon is telling people that payments are still going out and for members to try at different times of the day:
I did do a little bit more digging and here is just 2 examples of people cashing out mutiple times this month almost like clockwork:
User – jimmyclickbucks
Cashed Out – Feb 13 for $50 and again on Feb 23 for $24.57
User – priyanka1981
Cashed Out – Feb 3 and Feb 15 for $50 both times and also on Feb 26 for $33.70

Seems like these two haven’t experienced the “cashout problem”.Why?I am sure they have invested in the site.So,they get special consideration while free members get to scratch their head while looking at the same message everyday.
While I am not including links to these pages,this is easily verifable via the Nerdbux Payment Proofs page.

My Nerdbux Payment Issue

I myself have had no problems getting paid by Nerdbux…..UNTIL FEBRUARY 7th!
I requested payment and thought it went through,but when I checked my email,I noticed that I didn’t receive the usual email from Paypal.So,I went back to the site and noticed that my payment was pending.I thought this was odd but I let it go because I haven’t had any problems up until that point.
So,a few hours later I check back in and click a few adds and check my payment status and found that my payment didn’t go through and the money was returned to my account balance…..minus the fee for withdrawal,which they kept.
I sent in not 1 but 2 support tickets asking what was happening.
Here is the response I got:

CLOSED WITH NO RESPONSE! I wasn’t abusive to the staff or even bitching.Just asked a simple question and never got an answer.
They have been doing this a lot lately.

Here is one of my favorite forum posts ever by a member named auntbarbie who responds to one of the support team about closing tickets without responding.

I have said nothing but good things about this company,more specifically about the awesome support system,which is nonexistent now.Which brings me to this forum post by TimTech CMO Jon Olson.

“People that support us throughout seem to do just fine.” Apparently not.
Even though I am NOT a premium Nerdbux member,I have supported you guys since June 2013.I have said nothing but good things about any of the TimTech team and/or services up until now and I have spent countless dollars promoting their services.Yet,that support I have been showing certainly isn’t being reciprocated now.I have been a total Tim Tech groupie giving my full support to a group of jackasses that could care less about their members and/or the lengths that these members go to in order to build up the site.They probably think that THEY(TimTech) built the site.
Newsflash:TimTech provides the service.WE build the site.It’s us little people out here spending OUR TIME and OUR MONEY to bring people to the site.Don’t forget it,f**kers!!!
As far as people complaining…..what the f**k do you expect?!! I guess we are supposed to sit silently by while upgraded members are getting paid without incident while you shit on the rest of us who aren’t premium members.Well,that’s not entirely true.They suspended Edin Ikanovic,Goldenclix’s admin.Of course,he’s a piece of sh** anyway.Check it out here.
Here is an interesting post that I stumbled upon at eMoneySpace by traffic exchange owner Vern Chumbley.Check out what he has to say about his experience with TimTech here.
Final Words
Nerdbux is a scam site.Anytime a PTC site makes selective payments,it is a BIG RED FLAG and an indicator of it’s decline.It’s a complete waste of time clicking there if you are a free member.And even if you are upgraded you can still lose your account for speaking your mind.Seems that TimTech should not have ventured outside their comfort zone and stuck to what they know best…traffic exchanges.
I take NO joy in posting this and I am truly sorry for those who signed up at Nerdbux from my referral link.I am sorry that your time has been wasted and hopefully you guys were able to get something from the site before they decided to start screwing their members.I myself just added all my funds to purchase balance and spent it on advertising since it is painfully obvious that they aren’t going to paying me.

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