Friday, August 16, 2013

Neobux Master Fail - Funny Advertising Tactic

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Just a quick post here about an advertisement I saw yesterday.It was an advertisement for purchasing referrals.I saw it on Neobux and the claim is that you will get 250 referrals that are 100% active for a cost of $2.99 and if you are NOT completely satisfied,you have 30 days to request a refund.This  SOUNDS really great.I know I would love to have 250 direct referrals at  Neobux  that are 100% active.However,upon further inspection of this advertisement,I noticed that there were several things wrong with this picture.It wasn’t the price.Hell,I’ll pay double that for 100% active direct referrals at Neobux any day of the week.

Just check these screenshots out and see if you can spot just exactly what’s wrong with this picture.

Neobux Master Scam

Neobux Master Referral Scam

Neobux Referral Scam
Okay,give up?Let’s take a closer look.
  • The name of the sender is showing,but you can look and see that the original sender name was covered and was added.
  • The issue date is shown as September 27,2005 and anyone that knows a little bit about Neobux knows that they didn’t even launch the site until March 25,2008.
This right here should tell you everything you need to know about the person behind this ad.If they were smart,they would remove the picture entirely from the advertisement.While the offer sounds appealing,it is obvious that whoever made the ad cannot be trusted.Hopefully,this can help save a few people some money and avoid this obvious scam.

****UPDATE**** 8/27/2013
Well,this ad is still running on Neobux at present time,however,it it looks as if the Neobux Master decided to take his picture out of the ad.Wise move buddy.You really did a horrible job of doctoring the check…LOL

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